Campus Intranet Launches Today!

It’s finally here! After years of needing a centralized location to keep information private for Leeward’s faculty and staff, the Leeward Intranet is now available. You can gain access by simply clicking on the link from our main website, under Quick Links or pointing to Although this website is password protected, you can access its contents from off-campus.

This initial phase primarily replicates the Faculty & Staff page from the main website and Campus Bulletin contents. Inside, you will find the following:

HOME – Main page, which includes News & Links from the Campus Bulletin, Events, and a Picture Gallery
ACADEMICS – Links to instructional and curriculum resources
FORMS – A page just for paper and online forms
GOV // OPPA – Links to campus governance groups and the Office of Policy, Planning & Assessment
SERVICES – Links to campus services and support units
IT – Email links and the place to learn more about what your IT group is doing
GROUPS – Where individual websites have been created for certain groups

Explore online, or download a pdf with screen shots and brief descriptions.

Future plans include an online phone/email directory (possibly with pictures) and a master calendar. Keep in mind that this content is designed for you, so please use the feedback option to tell us what you think. If you look closely, you might even find information that’s not available anywhere else...

PS: If you see Randy Araki around, just let him know what an awesome job he’s done!

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