Student Appeal Process

Appeals to the Dean of Student Services

Occasionally situations arise that are beyond the control of a student and that may warrant exception from certain rules, procedures or deadlines. When such situations do arise, students may appeal to the Dean for relief from a process, a deadline, a payment, or a ruling issued or controlled by an office within Student Services.

Appeals are meant to address unusual circumstances such as the death or severe illness of a student or a student’s immediate family member, a catastrophic event, an accident or serious injury, an unexpected loss of job or home, etc. They are not an appropriate remedy for failure to pay adequate attention to details about published processes or deadlines or for ignorance of such published material.

In recent semesters, through a process approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, appeals have been allowed for students who are “no shows” for classes for which they may have inadvertently registered online, or from which they expected to be purged for non-payment, and which such students have never therefore attended.

Our goal in allowing appeals is to provide a second set of eyes to examine a decision of any of the offices within the college, and to allow for understanding of unique and compelling situations.

Appeals to the Dean of Student Services should be in print and signed (not emailed) and should address a specific issue and requested remedy.  Appeals will be investigated and a decision rendered on a time-permissive basis (our priority is the provision of excellent proactive customer service to all students, not necessarily to the correction of errors or omissions that have already occurred and for which there is not an immediate need for resolution).  Appeals typically take several weeks to investigate and to provide recommendations to the Dean for appropriate adjudication.  Phone calls and personal visits delay the process, not expedite it.

Appeals about grades

Are not the purview of the Dean of Student Services, and must be handled through the Academic Grievance Process. Such matters are most appropriately handled in communication with the instructor, then the program coordinator if appropriate, then the Division Chair and then through a formal prescribed grievance procedure.

Appeals concerning Residency status

Are not the purview of the Dean of Student Services.  Each UH campus has one Residency Officer.   His or her determination is final and appealable only to a UH system committee composed of other Residency Officers that meets twice annually. Contact Admissions & Records Office, AD 220 (during renovations located at DH-A 108), 455-0642.

Appeals are not necessarily complaints. Complaints may also be processed through the Dean of Student Services Office using a separate form and process.

Questions about appeals may be directed to the Office of the Dean of Student Services at 455-0260.