Withdrawing from a Class

IMPORTANT: If you are not attending a class that you registered for, you have to officially drop that class. Just because you don't attend a class, doesn't mean you dropped it. You have to officially drop the class or you will be responsible for paying tuition. Faculty will not automatically "dis-enrolled" you.

Dropping a Class = Withdrawal from a Course

If you decide to drop a class, you have to officially withdraw through your MyUH Services.

If you don’t attend class and don’t “officially” withdraw from the class, you may receive an “F” for that class.

WHEN you drop a class matters…

There are three slots of time to think about:

Erase Period
The first three weeks of the semester (or its equivalent as determined for shorter courses) is called the “erase period.” If you officially withdraw from a course during this period, the class is ERASED…no grade or record of the course will show on your academic record. See the Academic Calendar for the Last day of Erase Period for semester long courses.

After Erase Period and Before Withdrawal Deadline
If you drop a class after the erase period but before the withdrawal deadline will receive a “W” grade for those courses. The withdrawal deadline is the end of the tenth week of classes for semester-long courses (and an equivalent period for shorter courses). See the Academic Calendar for semester-long courses the deadline for semester long courses.

After Withdrawal Deadline
If you do not complete a course and/or you don’t officially withdraw from that course, you’ll receive an “F” grade which will affect you GPA, which CAN THEN affect your financial aid and academic standing!

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