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Four year degree breakdown University Transfer (2+2)
Many international students come to Leeward to begin their studies toward a four-year undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree.  More about the 2+2 approach to a 4 year degree…
Degrees Offered

A complete listing of degrees and certificates offered at Leeward.

English Language Institute Improve your English in only
8 weeks!

Special Short-Term Groups

Leeward Community College links with international post-secondary institutions to develop mutually beneficial international partnerships and visiting programs.

International Programs develops and implements new and existing international partnerships and visiting short-term programs based upon shared institutional values and program offerings. Current Leeward international partners include Aichi University and Junior College (Aichi, Japan), Nakamura Gakuen University and Junior College (Osaka, Japan), and Okinawa Women’s Junior College (Okinawa, Japan).

If your institution would be interested in developing a short-term program with Leeward Community College, or for additional information, please contact the International Programs Office (808) 455-0570 or email

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