Institutional Research

Leeward's Institutional Research office provides critical information for accreditation, program review and planning.

For Leeward Faculty & Staff only:

Data Request

Leeward CC Faculty and Staff may submit requests for student information to OPPA by completing the online form. All requests for Student Information must have proper authorization from

  1. Requestor's division chair AND
  2. One of the Authorized Grantors: Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor-Chief Acad Officer, Dean of Student Services, Dean of Arts & Science, Dean of Acad Services, Dean of Career & Tech Ed, Registrar.

Please allow sufficient time for requests to be fulfilled.

Please handle the student information responsibly and properly dispose the data report when your project is completed. This means shred the paper documents and delete the data reports from flash drives or hard drives. If you have questions about the proper handling of information, please read the University of Hawaii policy on Information Security.

If you need assistance in this area, please contact Guy Nishimoto.


Institutional Research Office
Guy Nishimoto, Institutional Effectiveness Officer
DA 205, 808-455-0482, fax: 808-455-0471