Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Leeward Community College is part of the University of Hawaii system, and is guided by Board of Regents Policies, University Executive Policies, and UH Community College System Policies.  As a State of Hawaii public institution, it is also governed by all Hawaii revised statutes and rules of law. 

When policies and processes are needed at the college level, they are established by Leeward's governing bodies for Leeward Community College.  The college policies and procedures are then posted on the college web page and disseminated to affected areas of the college. The process for developing and establishing new policy at Leeward CC is described in L1.101, Policy Development Process.

Governing Policies

Board of Regents Policies

University of Hawaii Systemwide Executive Policies

University of Hawaii Community College System Policies

Leeward Community College Policies

1. General Provisions

2. Administration (no campus-specific policy in this category)

3. Organization (no campus-specific policy in this category)

4. Planning

5. Academic Affairs

6. Tuition and Fees (no campus-specific policy in this category)

7. Student Affairs

8. Business and Finance (no campus-specific policy in this category)

9. Personnel (no campus-specific policy in this category)

10. Land and Physical Facilities

11. Miscellaneous


Student Policies


NOTICE: Every effort has been made to make the Leeward CC Policies Web Site accurate as of the date of publication; however, all policies, procedures, and fees are subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the college, the University of Hawaii, or the UH Board of Regents.