First in the State to Reach Net Zero

One of the first virtually net-zero campuses in the country

Leeward Community College has flipped the switch on becoming one of the first virtually net-zero campuses in the country. The campus is generating 97 percent of its energy through on-site photovoltaic (PV) systems, including solar shade canopies, rooftop arrays and distributed energy storage. This was done following a performance contract that reduced consumption through various energy efficiency measures. Leeward CC’s energy efficiency efforts are guaranteed to save $269,000 in energy and operational costs for the first year and $8.4 million over the project’s 20-year performance period.

The 3,579 PV modules installed on the campus are capable of generating 1.678 megawatts (MW) of power annually, enough to power 230 homes, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions equal to 4,642 barrels of oil a year.

“Our campus will be producing nearly 3 million kWh (kilowatt hours) of energy annually,” said Chancellor Carlos Peñaloza. “Combined with our energy-saving measures, we can proudly say we are energy independent. I am extremely proud of all the thoughtful work that was a part of this accomplishment. The project has helped to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable practices for our community.”

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