Teraoka named UH Manager of the Year

Award recognizes her work as VCAA at Leeward

Della Teraoka has been outstanding in her service to Leeward Community College and the UH Community Colleges for nearly two decades. Starting as an instructor at Leeward CC, she currently serves as interim director of academic programming in the Office of the Vice President for Community Colleges.

When she was the Leeward CC vice chancellor for academic affairs, Teraoka implemented accelerated courses at the Leeward campus, including 5-week online courses; the creation and coordination of the Accelerated Online Associate in Arts degree with Leeward CC as the lead campus; and the fully-scaled Acceleration Initiative efforts which has placed Leeward CC as the top campus to move students through college-level math and English in one year.

“Launching the AA Online program within one year was a challenge and only possible because of Della’s leadership at Leeward and within the system,” said UH Community Colleges Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Tammi Oyadomari-Chun. “She demonstrated courageous leadership in taking on the challenge of establishing a new program.”

Not only is Teraoka an effective leader, but an effective team builder as well. Aware of her team member’s abilities and trusting their judgment and recommendations, she goes above and beyond to create and guide teams that complete excellent projects that ultimately benefit the students and community.

Teraoka is seen as an active leader who develops and administers programs that improve public service. She is an effective mediator and communicator, and colleagues know that she “tends to embrace and have the courageous conversations needed to define and resolve the issue.”