Book Sprint Results in New No Cost Textbook

Leeward faculty continue to lead the way

This past May, UH faculty participated in two Open Educational Resources (OER) book sprints with the goal of developing no-cost textbooks for ECON 131 and ENG 100. Ann Inoshita, Jeanne Keuma, and Tasha Williams from Leeward are among the co-authors of the English composition textbook which is now available. Congratulations to Ann, Tasha, and Jeanne for their roles in co-authoring English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.

The Creative Commons (CC) license attached to OER textbooks means that any instructor can reuse, remix, revise, retain, and redistribute such works at UH and elsewhere. Students assigned OER textbooks can do so with zero out-of-pocket costs. Additional book sprints are anticipated that will target other high-enrolled general education courses. These book sprints are made possible with OER funding provided by President Lassner.

More info about the book sprints and links to both textbooks.

More about OER at Leeward.