Leeward Converts to Four-Day Class Week

This fall, Leeward will make the move from a five-day class week to a four-day class week, to the delight of quite a few students and faculty. The move comes as a response to student surveys and conducted research that showed student satisfaction increased with a shorter college week. Leeward CC is the last UH campus to convert to the four-day week.

With the new schedule, most classes will now be offered on Monday through Thursday. There will be some exceptions, such as certain Career & Technical Education programs that will have specific class schedules. Foreign language and science labs, which require longer class-times will be part of the exceptions.

All campus eateries will continue to be open five days a week. Other campus facilities and offices will also still be open on Fridays including the Learning Commons, Bookstore, Library, Math Lab, and other support units, making Friday a great day for students to work on group projects, hold study sessions, or schedule appointments with instructors.

When asked about the new four-day week, returning students recalled the disappointment at having to attend classes Monday through Friday. According to some, the five-day class week has long been a registration headache, as they tried hard to arrange schedules that would allow for coming to campus only on certain days, such as Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was cited as difficult to arrange because of certain classes that were only held on Friday or Wednesday/Friday. They believe the 4-day class week will help to prevent such scheduling debacles.

The four-day class week will start this Fall. Let us know how the new schedule works for you!