Relocation of Administration and Student Services

Renovations underway!

diagram of temporary office locations in the DH Quad

We're moving walls to improve our services for students. A long-awaited renovation project of the Administration Building and the Halau began during the summer. The AD Building houses many critical offices and services. The offices are temporarily re-located during the project, which is anticipated to take a minimum of one year. All the offices, with the exception of Student Life, moved to the Diamond Head Quad. Student Life moved to the Senate Chambers in the Campus Center.

We've listed all the offices and programs affected below. If you have any questions about the relocation, just send us your questions!

Relocation of all Offices

  • Admissions & Records: DH-A 108
  • Business Office: DH-B 102 & 103
  • Cashier: DH-B 103
  • Chancellor Office: DH- B104
  • Counseling Check-In: DH-C 104A, B (see list of individual offices below)
  • Deans, Arts & Sciences and CTE: C106B, C, D, E
  • Dean of Student Services: DH- A 105
  • Enterprise Services: DH-B107, B 108
  • Financial Aid: DH-A 106
  • HI-NET Office: D107
  • Human Resources Manager: DH- B101   HR Office: ED 114
  • Job Prep Services: D104, 106
  • Student Health Center: DH-A 104
  • Student Life: Senate Chambers, Campus Center  
  • Student Services Officer: DH- A 103
  • Recruitment Office: DH- A 101A
  • Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Office: DH- B104
  • Vice Chancellor, Admin Services Office: DH- B105

Counselor Offices

  • Amy Amper, Counselor: DH-C 105E
  • Nancy Buchanan, Counselor: DH-C 103E
  • Piikea Hardy-Kahaleoumi, Counselor: DH-C 103A
  • Candy Hochstein, Counselor: DH-C 105B
  • Blake Hunrick, Counselor: DH-C 105C
  • Melissa Jones, Ka‘ie‘ie Counselor: DH-A 101A
  • Laurie Libarios, Counselor: DH-C 103C
  • Jan Shimabukuro-Lee, Counselor: DH-C 103B
  • Jean StavRue-Peahi, Counselor: DH-C 105A
  • Stu Uesato, Counselor: DH-C 105D  
  • Jonathan Wong, Counselor: DH-C 103D
  • Visiting Counselors: DH-C 104C
  • Christina Louie, Mental Health Counselor: DH-C 106A


  • DH-D101, 102, 105
  • DH- E 108A, 108B, 108C, 108D