Academic Affairs Update

It's hard to believe we are already in March and the middle of the semester. I hope your semester is going well so far. I wanted to give you some updates on activities in Academic Affairs in the following areas:

  • Sabbaticals Awarded
  • Pacific Islander Student Population
  • Accreditation Self-Evaluation Progress

 1. Sabbaticals AwardedI was pleased to receive a number of well-developed and intentional sabbatical requests for the 2017-2018 academic year. Five sabbaticals have been granted. These include:

  • William Albritton, Associate Professor in ICS
  • Michael Cawdery, Assistant Professor in Education
  • Beth Kupper-Herr, Learning Resource Center Coordinator
  • Eric Matsuoka, Professor in Math
  • Leanne Riseley, Educational Media Center Coordinator

 2. Pacific Islander Student PopulationWith the development of the UHCC Strategic Directions in 2015, the Pacific Islander student population was added as a targeted population. In addition, all of the community colleges have been asked to find ways to support our Pacific Islander students. Leeward has created a new Pacific Islander team to support our PI students. 

  • Jim Goodman, Pacific Islander (PI) program coordinator
  • Betty Ickes, PI Faculty Advisor
  • Laurie Kuribayashi, PI Student Support Advisor
  • Pauline Filemoni, PI Club Advisor

We will also be participating for a second year in the Pasefika Passion Pipeline (3P) program with a summer 2017 program. We look forward to welcoming these students to Leeward. 3. Accreditation Self-Evaluation ProgressOur 2018 Self-Evaluation Team recently spent time with Dr. Robert Pacheco. Bob Pacheco has worked in higher education, and specifically accreditation for 13 years. He was also played a key role in our successful 2012 Self-Evaluation Report. Bob is working the the team to make sure we are on track for delivering a first draft to the campus in fall 2017. The team is currently in an information gathering phase.