Pathways and STAR GPS news

Last week I held a Talk Story session on Pathways, a framework that the UHCC system is implementing. This work is being coordinated by the Student Success Council, a UHCC system group with representation from all of the community colleges. I have attached two presentations on the Student Success Council and the Pathways project. Pathways (viewing the student's movement through our college as a journey) and Guided Pathways (providing students with structure within the program) are two important initiatives that will guide how we advise and support our students.

The STAR Guided Pathways System (GPS) is now being used as a way for students to register.  I had mentioned this at fall convocation, and I wanted to share with you information that is available on our website. There is an overview video as well as "how to" videos to assist students with registration. Feedback so far is very positive. The system is very user-friendly, and it provides a pathway of courses to take so students can see their progress and the impact of decisions they make when selecting courses.

Leeward website on STAR Guided Pathways System

I will continue to provide updates as we move forward in implementing the Pathways framework.