Marine Option Program ASC

Academic Subject Certificate, Marine Option Program

The Marine Option Program (MOP) is designed for students interested in ocean studies and relating the ocean to their educational aspirations while earning an AA degree.

The curriculum emphasizes an experiential, cross-disciplinary education and provides opportunities to apply traditional coursework to the real world while students obtain practical marine skills through a “hands-on” internship, research or employment project. Students develop their own customized “skill project” as part of the Certificate.

MOP sponsors numerous field trips, a newsletter, and many opportunities for networking with other interested students and professionals.


Course Alpha Course Title Credits
Required Courses
OCN 101 MOP Seminar (must be taken once) 1
OCN 199 Independent Study 2-3
  Core Credits 3-4
Elective Courses
Group A: Choose one of the following marine course options
  • OCN 201+200L Science of the Sea (3) and lab (1)
  • ZOO 200+200L Intro to Marine Biology (3) and lab (1)

Group B: Four to six (4-6) additional credits of ocean-related courses

  • BIOL 124+124L Environment & Ecology (3) and lab (1)
  • BIOL 200+200L Coral Reefs (3) and lab (1)
  • BOT 130+130L Plants in the Hawaiian Environment (3) and lab (1)
  • GG 103 Geology of the Hawaiian Islands (3)
  • HIST 284 History of the Hawaiian Islands (3)
  • OCN 201+201L Science of the Sea (3) and lab (1)*
  • ZOOL 200+200L Intro to Marine Biology (2) and lab (1)*
  • Any marine related course accepted for a MOP certificate at other UH campuses
  Elective Credits 7-9
  Total Program Credits 10-13


*These courses may be taken if not previously counted toward the Group A requirements.
Lab courses must be taken concurrently with or after completing the corresponding lecture course.

Program Learning Outcomes

With the completion of this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of how the ocean relates to Hawai‘i’s economy, society, and life style.
  • Evaluate how their career and educational opportunities can be influenced by the surrounding marine environment.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge about the ocean and its impacts on Hawai‘i.
  • Create and execute an experiential learning project (Skill Project) to further their education.