Geek Day 2017

Free workshops on technology and digital life

Free workshops on technology and today’s digital lifestyle are being offered at the eighth annual Geek Day at Leeward Community College on Saturday, February 25, 10am–2 p.m. The college offers free hands-on workshops and demonstrations on a variety of digital, mobile and technology topics, from digital photography to a variety of free online tools and services that can make life easier! A highlight of the day is a session on “fake news,” a nonpartisan, fact-filled session on how to identify fake news and become a keen evaluator of information.

All sessions are designed for the general public. This year, an Educators Track is offered for teachers to help them explore new technologies for the classroom.

Geek Day also offers a Digital Café where participants can discover new apps, receive one-on-one help with computer problems and learn about smart phone maintenance.
For the photography sessions, participants are asked to bring their own camera. For BYOD sessions, participants are asked to bring their own mobile devices. Details on these sessions are included on the session info pages.

Sessions cover how to:

  • Evaluate Online News: Fake, Alternative Fact or True
  • Edit Beautiful Videos on a Mobile Device
  • Understand Your Home Network
  • Build Your Own App
  • Shoot Better Photos on Your Phone
  • Design like a Pro
  • Use Code to Create Interactive Stories
  • Leverage GIS at Home and at Work
  • Collaborate & Build an Online Community
  • Discover the World of DIY Photo Hacks
  • Conquer Computer Security
  • Explore Digital Event Planning Tools

Digital Cafe offers:

  • Smart Phone Maintenance
  • 3D Printing
  • Ricoh Theta S 360 video camera
  • TP-LINK smart home plug
  • Google Cardboard
  • Leap Vision and Holograms!
  • and more…

All activities are free and open to the public. Workshops include both Mac and Windows platforms. Doors open at 9:30 a.m. for registration, with the first session beginning at 10 a.m. Visit the Geek Day website for information and details on all sessions.