Makahiki Games

 presented as a part of IM Sports

ʻulu maika

In the spirit of fun and growth, IM Lee Sports and Halau ʻIke o Puʻuloa presents: Na Na Paʻani o ka Makahiki (The Games of the Makahiki).

Join us as we play a variety of games and activities like ʻulu maika (bowling), moa paheʻe (spear throwing), kukuni (foot race), and hukihuki (tug of war). Come to have fun, learn and compete.

Monday, October 3, 2016
Tuthill Courtyard

Most people associate Makahiki with gams like ʻulu maika, ʻōʻō ihe, hukihuki, pā uma, and haka moa. These games and sports are currently being revived all over ko Hawaiʻi Pae ʻĀina in many public and private schools, in our very own Kamehameha Schools, and in communities both rural and urban.  To the casual viewer, these games may appear to be frivolous fun. However, a deeper look would reveal that they are well-designed exercises that develop physical, mental, and spiritual strength.  The games and sports that we refer to as "Makahiki games" were activities that were enjoyed year round by people of all ages.  Essentially, Makahiki season became a time to showcase skills and strategies that were developed during the year. (source: Kamehameha Schools, Hawaiian Cultural Center)

Background on Makahiki games from Kamehameha Schools, Hawaiian Cultural Center