Faculty and Staff Keep Improving

High scores on student engagement

Leeward's faculty and staff are here to help you

Every two years, since 2008, Leeward has participated in the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), coordinated by the Center for Community College Student Engagement and the Community College Leadership Program at The University of Texas at Austin.

Results from the most recent survey indicates the following:

  • Leeward's average of benchmark scores has improved continuously each successive 2 years of the survey administration since 2008.
  • Leeward's 2016 benchmark scores are ALL above the average of the UHCC 2016 benchmark scores and the mean of the National 2016 Cohort.

Student engagement is closely related to persistence and achievement.  CCSSE data helps us develop a picture of how engaged our students are with faculty, staff, other students, and subject matter. The survey was administered in classes at Leeward Community College randomly selected by the Center to ensure a representative sample and to preserve the integrity of the survey results. 

Chancellor Manny Cabral sent the news out to faculty and added, "Mahalo to all the faculty, staff and administrators of Leeward who provide consistent support, energy and effort to help our students succeed and achieve!"

Congratulations to all our faculty and staff.