Love Pono Presents

Love Pono presents "Healthy Communication in Relationships" on Thursday, October 30 from 12 noon to 1:15 pm in ED 201.

Presenter Mike Helfer, UH Manoa Psychologist, discusses: How do we have healthy communication about sex and other challenging conversations?  Come talk story and gain some resources for current and future relationships.

More information contact: Lexer Chou,

from Ka Manao

Love Pono's mission is “to provide a safe environment, to help the Leeward Community College community to build and maintain healthy relationships, through education, intervention, campus and community resources and counseling.”

Love Pono was previously known as the Domestic Violence Committee and is run by Lexer Chou here at Leeward CC. The group has a counselor, faculty members and a student representative from Student Government. They focus mainly on intimate partner violence.

The group is here to bring awareness to intimate partner violence, which is when mental or physical abuse makes its way into a relationship, creating an unsafe environment. Love Pono exists to provide help for any student who feels unsafe in a relationship.

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