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New Program to Help with Math Placement

Don't let college math placement exams hold you back. EdReady can help you avoid spending extra time and money in remedial math classes. EdReady lets you check your readiness for college math, then gives you a personalized study path. Registration begins May 19.

EdReady is an innovative online tool that provides a way to boost your scores on the COMPASS math test so you can begin your college education a step ahead.EdReady checks your math skills and creates a personalized, self-paced learning plan complete with interactive lessons that will help you reach your target goal.

The University of Hawaii is doing all it can to help you succeed in placing into college-level math courses.

This summer EdReady is offered FREE for select students. The program audio, video, practice problems, simulations and online textbook--all for free!

In addition to providing you with a personalized learning plan, you'll have a team of UH cybermentors to provide tutoring, academic coaching, and encouragement whenever you need it as you work through the program.

To take part in the EdReady program, go to http://uh.edready.org, click on Get Started to sign up or contact Davilla Riddle by email: driddle [at] hawaii [dot] edu or phone: (808) 276-1268

Sign up today. Space is limited.

What about Reading & Writing Sections of the COMPASS Test?


Leeward's Writing Center's COMPASS Brush-Up Program is available to incoming Leeward CC students to help you prepare to take or retake the COMPASS writing and/or reading placement exam(s).

Once you enroll, you will have access to the following:

1. Online software (available for purchase from the vendor) tailored to your own writing (and/or reading) skills;

2. Free workshops in the Writing Center focused on specific areas covered in the Compass Test; and

3. Free individual sessions (in the Writing Center, online via Skype, or by phone) for one-on-one review time.

More Information about the CBU program is available online.

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