New Program to Help with Math Placement

May 2014
Are you ready for college? 
Then you need to prepare for the required math placement exam! The Online Learning Academy (University of Hawaii) is offering a FREE math prep program through EdReady, an online program which identifies gaps in your knowledge and prepares you to do your best on this exam. EdReady creates a self-paced, personalized learning plan to help you acquire additional skills and content knowledge for your specific needs. EdReady is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

To get started...get all the details and log in at the University of Hawaii EdReady site.

For more information or help:

Davilla Gose
(808) 956-3714

What about Reading & Writing Sections of the Placement Test?

Leeward's Writing Center's Brush-Up Program is available to incoming Leeward CC students to help you prepare to take or retake the writing and/or reading placement exam(s).

Once you enroll, you will have access to the following:

  1. Online software (available for purchase from the vendor) tailored to your own writing (and/or reading) skills;
  2. Free workshops in the Writing Center focused on specific areas covered in the placement est; and
  3. Free individual sessions (in the Writing Center, online via Skype, or by phone) for one-on-one review time.
July 2017: update on available resources to help prepare for testing
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