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About the VRC


The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) at Leeward Community College (Leeward CC)   was established in November 2013, falling under the Student Services Department. The VRC was created as a campus resource to enhance our veteran and military affiliated services.  The Student Veterans of America (SVA) was created early 2012 for social and academic support to build our veteran community.


The Veterans Resource Center of Leeward CC is dedicated to helping veteran students transition from active duty service to civilian education. We aid in providing student support services, focusing on the special needs and requirements of today’s military veteran, service member, dependents and survivors. The VRC helps veterans stay connected to achieve their academic goals.


  • Veterans Counselor: The Veterans Counselor serves as the point-of-contact who provides informational service, outreach, academic counseling, and advising to military veterans.
  • Veteran Success on Campus Program (VSOC): The VSOC provides student veterans assistance with assisting in Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VRE), submitting a disability claim, and direction in determining eligibility for use of the GI Bill.
  • Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership Program (VITAL): The VITAL psychologist provides counseling for PTSD, relationship or academic concerns, and other behavioral health conditions. The psychologist is also able to assist vets to access VA healthcare services.
  • Peer Facilitator: The Peer Facilitators act as a referral agent for veteran students needing academic support. They also assist the VRC personnel with daily operations of the VRC.
  • Lending Library: The program is designed to provide new veteran students the opportunity of using textbooks. This program provides the option for new veteran, dependent, and military students to use textbooks while waiting to receive their VA funds.  
  • VRC Events: Events are held twice a semester, where veterans receive information, socialize and participate in activities.
  • Additional Services: The VRC has PC laptops during hours of operation, to be used in the VRC, and allows students to print up to 10 pages.
  • Lounge: The VRC has a student lounge area with access to a refrigerator, microwave, coffee, and relaxing sofas to help ease away a stressful day.


  • To increase awareness of Leeward CC veteran assistance programs on campus.
  • To be a centralized place for servicing the needs of veterans students (Veteran Counseling, VSOC, VITAL).
  • Increase social media engagement (Facebook).
  • Increase veteran enrollment through community organizations.
  • Increase veteran retention.
  • Increase collaboration within the University of Hawaii System Colleges.
  • Provide support systems for special needs and disabled veterans.
  • To be a home for veterans on campus to connect with their peers.


Who Is Welcome: Any student who has been or is currently a member of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, Reserves, or ROTC Cadets. We also welcome any spouse and dependents of a military service member who may need help or support regarding military educational benefits.