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Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership

Providing eligible student veterans with:

  • Free on-campus counseling and psychotherapy sessions
  • Assistance with accessing VA Healthcare or other VA services
  • Advocacy/Consultation with faculty or staff to support student veterans’ academic performance and success

What is VITAL?

The Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) program is a partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and local universities and colleges across the country. The VITAL program is comprised of VA mental health professionals, who can assist both Student Veterans and their universities/colleges by providing or assisting with various services, resources, and support. VITAL’s mission is to help Veterans achieve their academic and career goals.

To learn more please visit the VITAL webpage on the VA Campus Toolkit at:

For additional information or to schedule an
appointment, reach out to the
Leeward Community College Veterans Resource Center (BS-103) by
Phone: 808-455-0410

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