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Math Lab General Policies

Cell Phone Policy
    Everyone entering the Math Lab is expected to be courteous and responsible in the use of cell phones.
    Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent mode
    All cell phone conversations, even short ones, are to be conducted outside
Individuals who repeatedly fail to practice cell phone etiquette will no longer be welcome to use Math Lab facilities.

Personal Electronics
Many MATH courses have multi-media educational materials.  The Math Lab welcomes use of personal electronics for such materials provided students use headphones to prevent distractions to others.

Food and Drink
Light, neat, non-distracting snacks and covered beverages are allowed in the Math Lab.
Items that might distract others in the Lab, such as those listed below, must be enjoyed outside.
No messy or greasy food items
No full meals (plate lunch, bento, etc)
No distracting foods (noisy, aromatic, etc)
After enjoying a snack or beverage, students are expected to clean their areas.

The Math Lab is a working lab so ongoing and active tutoring and discussion of MATH and QM  topics, procedures, and problems is expected. Discussion of other topics should be kept quiet and brief to help to maintain an atmosphere conducive to the study and learning of mathematics. Loud or distracting conversations must be held outside. Any extreme behavior will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate removal from the Math Lab.

Other Expectations
Scratch paper is available for students working on their Leeward CC MATH or QM course work; however, students are expected to bring in their own writing instrument. Students needing a pencil should visit the Leeward CC Bookstore, which sells supplies in its vending machines.

The Math Lab is a designated learning facility; therefore, students are expected to dress appropriately. In addition, the Math Lab is air conditioned and can get quite cold so students should plan to dress accordingly.

Policy on Smoking
In accordance with the State’s No Smoking Act, Act 108, SLH 1976 and Act 245, SLH 1987 and University policy, smoking is prohibited in any of the classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms, and other covered structures of the College.

Additional restrictions can be found online at