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Math Testing Center FAQs

I know that Leeward MATH and QM exams are given here.  Can I take exams for other classes here too?
No, the Math Testing Center proctors testing for Leeward CC MATH and QM courses only.

What do I need to take a quiz, exam, or GCA in the Math Testing Center?
Students must know their course number, which quiz or exam they will be taking, who their instructor is, have a pen/pencil, and have a valid photo identification card. Photo ID is required for all services.  

I forgot to bring my Leeward ID but need to take a quiz or an exam. What can I do?
The Math Testing Center requires a valid picture ID to take a quiz or exam. If a student does not have their Leeward ID card they may use another valid picture ID.  Some acceptable examples include, but are NOT limited to, other UH College ID, driver’s license, state ID card, military/dependent ID card, high school ID card.  In all cases, NO ID -- NO TEST.

I forgot my pencil/pen - could I borrow one while taking a quiz, exam, or GCA?
The Math Testing Center does not provide pencil/pens for test-takers.  Students who do not have their own writing instrument should go to the bookstore first to purchase one before coming to the Math Testing Center to take a quiz, exam, or GCA.
Am I allowed to use a textbook, notes, scratch paper, etc. while taking a quiz, exam, or GCA?
Instructors determine what is allowed and provides the Math Testing Center with proctoring instructions.  A student should check with their course syllabus or course instructor to confirm what is allowed.
Am I able to take more than one quiz or exam on the same day?
Provided the instructor allows this, students wanting to take more than one quiz, or exam on the same day must complete and submit the first one then check-in again with the Testing Center Aide for each additional quiz, or exam.
I arrived at the Math Testing Center too late to take a quiz or an exam. What should I do?
The Math Testing Center cannot allow students to take a quiz or exam past the posted time cut offs. Students should contact their instructor to see if any options are available.

Am I able to leave the Math Testing Center and restart my quiz, exam, or GCA when I get back?
No.  All quizzes, exams, or GCA’s must be completed in one uninterrupted session.  Students who need to leave the Testing Center for any reason are expected to submit their quiz, exam, or GCA prior to departing.

What if I don’t finish my quiz, exam, or GCA by closing time?
Students can’t stay in the Math Testing Center past the posted closing time.  Any quiz, exam, or GCA must be submitted at closing time, even if incomplete.
Will I need to wait to take a quiz, exam, or GCA?
The Math Testing Center does get busy at times, especially on due dates, and students might need to wait for the next available seat for paper or computerized testing.  In such cases, students are given numbered tabs that are called in sequence as seats become available. To ensure the earliest available seat, students should not wander too far from the Math Testing Center. This way, students will be able to hear their number being called.
I’m having trouble with the testing software or calculator.  Can the Testing Center Aides help me?
No, Testing Center Aids will not answer any questions related to the quiz, exam, or GCA being taken.  All such questions must be directed to your course instructor.
I took a quiz or an exam a while ago and have not received my results. Who can I talk to?
Please refer questions regarding test results to your designated instructor. Neither the Math Lab Manager nor the Math Testing Center Aides have access to such records.

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