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Math Lab Calculators

Basic, scientific, and graphing calculators are available for Leeward CC MATH student for same day use.

The Math Lab carries the following calculator models that are used or required in current Leeward CC courses:

  • Basic (Casio  HS8VA)
  • Scientific (TI-30XIIS)
  • Graphing (TI-84)
  • TI-Nspire CAS

Please see a tutor to borrow a calculator.
A picture ID must be left with the Math Lab to borrow a current calculator model: NO ID -- NO CALCULATOR. All calculators must be returned on the same day borrowed by the Math Lab’s closing time.

The Math Lab has a restricted number of other models for same-day loan to students who are not enrolled in a Leeward CC MATH course.  These calculators must be also checked in and out by a Math Lab staff member.