Student Learning Outcomes

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Leeward Community College Library

Like the other programs of the college, the library has Student Learning Outcomes that we use as part of our ongoing efforts to assess our effectiveness.

The library addresses the first SLO through its efforts to teach information literacy skills. These activities include librarian-led instructional class sessions; extensive online tutorials with online testing, as part of a formal program conducted in cooperation with instructional faculty; instruction to individual students; subject-specific online research guides, videos, and handouts; and explanatory information about sources and research tools on the library website.

The library addresses the second SLO by offering a wide range of printed and electronic information sources, and numerous online research tools. We consult with instructional faculty in choosing new materials and database subscriptions, and regularly assess the usefulness and review the usage statistics of the databases. We provide reference service to assist students with their research and to teach them research skills. The above-mentioned information literacy instruction addresses finding and using information, as well as evaluating information.

For more information, please see pages 254-255 of the college's 2012 Self Evaluation Report of Educational Quality and Institutional Effectiveness.