Tips for Using Hawaiʻi Voyager

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Leeward Community College Library
There are a few things to keep in mind when using the Hawaiʻi Voyager online library catalog.
Pay attention to the "Location" information for the books you find.
Reason #1: Even if you limit your search to the Leeward CC Library, Hawaiʻi Voyager will still show you information for all copies of a particular book owned by the different University of Hawaiʻi system libraries. Make sure the call number and status information you are looking at is for Leeward CC's copy of the book.
Reason #2: Within the Leeward CC library, library materials are organized into different collections, such as General, Reference, or Hawaiian/Pacific. Make note of the collection so you go to the correct shelves to find the book you want.
Ignore the "ELECTRONIC FORMAT" call numbers.
Hawaiʻi Voyager contains records for both physical materials and electronic resources. Records for E-resources will say "ELECTRONIC FORMAT" in the call number field. This is not an actual call number – it is not useful for either accessing the resource or finding similar items. Unfortunately, the Voyager software does not allow us to either change the label or hide that field in records for electronic books.
Reserve List Searches
Many of the items on Reserve are supplied by instructors, and are not owned by the library. These items will not show up in a regular Basic or Advanced Voyager catalog search. You will need to do a Course Reserves search to find these items. See the Circulation Services page for instructions.
Voyager Online Help
Hawaiʻi Voyager has extensive online help pages. View them here.
Other helpful instructions: