What is OneSearch?

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Leeward Community College Library

What is OneSearch?

OneSearch is a new type of library research system called a "discovery tool". It searches across many of the library's information resources, and presents you with a list of materials on your topic, in relevance-ranked order. OneSearch finds library books and other materials; e-books; magazine, journal, and newspaper articles; and other documents and publications.

OneSource collects data about informational content from a range of sources, and uses its own index to conduct fast searches. It works in conjunction with the SFX link resolver to retrieve full-text content from the different databases available to Leeward CC students, staff, and faculty.

What is covered by OneSearch?

What is not covered by OneSearch?

The following library-subscribed databases are not covered by OneSearch: CollegeSource Online, Dictionary of Literary Biography, the Facts on File databases (including Issues & Controversies and Today's Science), Proquest News & Newspapers, and the online version of Science magazine. OneSearch has articles from the free version of the online Encylopædia Britannica, but does not cover the premium content of the Encylopædia Britannica Online Academic database that we subscribe to. The Hawaiʻi Pacific Journal Index is not searched by OneSearch.

Due to legal reasons (publisher's restrictions on specific content, contractual agreements with content providers, etc.), some informational content that is available in databases that are covered by OneSearch might not be available through OneSearch.

Does OneSearch replace searching the individual research databases?

Not entirely. OneSearch allows you to find information from multiple library databases with a single search. But the individual databases may have search and display features not available through OneSearch, and the search results you get (that is to say, the specific articles you find, the order in which they appear on the list, and the details about the articles) may be different with OneSearch than what you get when you use the databases' own interfaces. As previously mentioned, not all of the library's databases are covered by OneSearch, and some content in covered databases might not be available through OneSearch.