HSPLS EBSCOhost Databases

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Leeward Community College Library

Many libraries in Hawaiʻi, including the University of Hawaiʻi libraries and the Hawaiʻi State Public Library System, subscribe to the EBSCOhost research database service as part of a money-saving group purchase arrangement. Every library has the same basic package of databases, although individual libraries may feature the particular databases that best suit the needs of their patrons.

Any library can subscribe to additional EBSCOhost databases for an additional fee. The public library system subscribes to the Auto Repair Reference Center database, which provides model-specific auto repair information.

The computers on the Leeward CC Pearl City and Waiʻanae campuses automatically connect to EBSCOhost, so students don't have to log in to use it. However, the automatic login system prevents users from accessing Auto Repair Reference Center, because Leeward CC doesn't subscribe to it. To access ARRC on campus, you need to use this special link, and log in using your HSPLS library card.