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Leeward Community College Library
Reference Desk
The Reference Desk is on the upper level of the library.

Phone: 455-0379
Text Message: 415-448-7595
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Librarians will help you find information, and teach you how to find the information you need.

The Reference Desk is where you'll find the reference librarian. The librarians all have master's degrees in librarianship, and are trained to help you use the library effectively. Librarians know about the variety of information resources available, and can direct you to the best one to suit your needs.

A librarian is stationed at the Reference Desk, or is available on-call, throughout the hours that the library is open. No appointment necessary — just drop by or call anytime you need assistance.

The librarians, like other members of the faculty, have something to teach: information literacy. This means that they do more than find answers to questions; they teach people how to find answers for themselves. Not only does this promote academic success, but the ability to find and evaluate information and to continually learn new things after leaving school is important for success in life. Toward this goal, librarians conduct class presentations and workshops; administer a self-paced, online information literacy course for students in English classes; and produce both printed handouts and online guides for doing research. View the Learn How to Find Information page to learn more.

Resources to perform research include the library's extensive physical collections of books, periodicals, and audio-visual materials, as well as the library's electronic research tools and sources, which include research databases that bring together information from many sources, electronic books, online periodicals, and specialized databases on particular topics.