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Leeward Community College Library
In addition to services listed on the Circulation Services and the Reference Services pages, and our collections of library materials and online research tools, the library has these other services and resources. These services are no longer available at the library:
Computers – Desktops, Laptops, and iPads
Desktop computers are available throughout the library. Most are Windows computers; some are Macs. They can be used for performing online research and for working on course assignments using Microsoft Office applications. You do not need to sign up to use the computers. Some computer stations use a wireless network connection — you need to use your UH username and password to log-in to the wireless system.

Leeward CC students can borrow laptop computers from the Circulation Desk for use on campus for up to four hours. Most are Windows; a few are Macs. Laptops have web browsers and Microsoft Office applications. Laptop use is governed by the Electronic Device Use Policy. Overdue fines are charged for laptops not returned when due. Laptops must be returned before the library closes.

Library desktop and laptop computers have special security software that automatically erases anything saved to the hard drive when the computer is restarted, including reboots of frozen computers. You should save your work on a USB memory device. Other options for saving your work include a cloud storage serviceor e-mailing your files to yourself, although using a USB drive will give you a better chance at recovering your work in the event of a computer malfunction or a power failure.

iPads are now available for up to four hours. More information.

For people with impaired vision, we have one computer with the ZoomText screen magnifying program, and one computer with the JAWS screen reader.

The UH Information Technology Resources policy governs usage of all library computers.
Wireless Internet Access
The campus wireless network system is available on both floors of the library. Connect to the system named "LEE". Start a web browser to view the login screen for the wireless system, and log in with your UH username and password. See the Information Technology Group's wireless page for more information, including how to register your personally-owned devices for wireless access without having to log in.
Computer Printing
We are in the process of changing over to a new print management system. Please see this blog post for details.
Printing is available from library desktop and laptop computers, through the GoPrint printing management system. Printouts can be retrieved from a Print Station, located on both floors of the library. You need to use a Copy Card to pay for printouts at the GoPrint stations (8¢ per black & white laser prints, 75¢ for color wax prints). Computers marked with red or orange tape print through the Xerox machines, 10¢ for black & white, 75¢ for color, payable with cash or coins only.

To print from library laptops, you need to start a web browser to log in to the wireless network. Printing is not available for personally-owned computers.
Xerox Copiers
The library has two copying machines, one on each floor. Copies cost 10¢ for B&W, 75¢ for color.
Microfilm Reader/Printers
The library has microfilm reader/printer machines that can view and make printouts from 16mm and 35mm microfilm rolls and microfiche sheets. You need to use a Copy Card to make printouts.
Study Rooms
The Learning Commons has three rooms for small groups of students (three people or more) to study or work on projects. Study Rooms 1 & 2 are off the main room on the second floor, Study Room 3 is inside the Learning Resource Center. Rooms can be used for one hour (can be extended for up to two additional hours, if available). A study room can be reserved up to two weeks in advance. Sign up to use a study room at the Technology Circulation Desk by the Learning Commons entrance (Study Rooms 1 & 2) or the LRC (Study Room 3). View the study room policies.
Video Viewing Stations
The Library has video viewing stations for watching videotapes and DVDs. You can get headphones and remote controls for the video players and TVs at the Circulation Desk. The library's laptop computers, and some of the desktop computers, also have DVD drives.
Videos of Televised Leeward CC Courses
On behalf of the Educational Media Center, the Library makes available videorecordings of Leeward CC courses that are televised over cable TV. Only currently-offered courses are available, although the recording may be of a previous offering of the course. You can get course videos at the Circulation Desk. The videos must be viewed in the library. The videos are not listed in the library's online catalog.
SC Workshop Videos
Videos of the Learning Resource Center's Success Connection Workshops are available for online viewing through the LRC's video page, on computers with wired network connections inside the library building.
Course Outlines
The Library no longer collects course outlines. The instructional divisions may make outlines available for the courses they offer.
Scantron Machines
The Scantron testform scoring machines are now located in room PS-204 and the Arts & Humanities division office in room FA-109.
Automatic Teller Machines
The campus ATM machines, which were located inside the library prior to the creation of the Learning Commons, have been permanently relocated to the cafeteria.