Library Mission Statement

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Leeward Community College Library

Library Vision

In line with the College's Mission, the vision of Leeward Community College Library is to prepare individuals to be knowledgeable, resourceful and responsible citizens for Hawaiʻi and the global community through the facilitation of active exploration, discovery and synthesis of information.

Library Mission

The Library program's mission is to support and promote teaching and learning related to the mission and curriculum of the institution by providing a variety of accessible resources, services and facilities that promote information literacy and the effective use of information.

Library Goals

Goal 1. Collection: Develop and maintain a collection of resources that support existing, changing and new programs at Leeward Community College.

Goal 2. Access: Provide rapid and seamless access to the collection and information in a variety of formats for all University patrons regardless of location.

Goal 3. Service: Provide timely, comprehensive, varied and to the extent possible, equivalent service to local and distant University of Hawaiʻi patrons.

Goal 4. Information Literacy: Support the college goals of learning and teaching through the promotion of information literacy concepts.

Goal 5. Learning Environment: Promote active learning, research, communication and exchange of ideas between students and within the community, through the creation of a stimulating learning environment.

Goal 6. Partnerships: Promote positive working and learning partnerships with other libraries and our surrounding communities.