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Computers, WiFi, Printing & Copy Cards

The library has desktop and laptop computers (mostly Windows; some Macs) that students can use to perform online research and use Microsoft Office applications. Laptops and iPads can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk for up to four hours. Computers have special security software that automatically erases anything saved to the hard drive when the computer is restarted. You should save your work on a USB memory device, or use a cloud storage service or e-mail your files to yourself.
Wireless Internet Access
The campus wireless network system is available on both floors of the library. Connect to the system named "LEE". Start a web browser to view the login screen for the wireless system, and log in with your UH username and password. See the Information Technology Group's wireless page for more information, including how to register your personally-owned devices for wireless access without having to log in.
Computer Printing
Printing is available from library computers through the GoPrint printing management system. Printouts can be retrieved from a Print Station, located on both floors of the library. You need to use a Copy Card to pay for printouts (10¢ per black & white laser prints, 75¢ for color wax prints). Some computers print through the Xerox machines; printouts are paid for with cash. Printing is not available for personally-owned computers.
Copy Cards
Copy Cards can be purchased from the library Circulation Desk on the third floor for $5.00, and are pre-loaded with $4.00 of value. They can be reloaded with additional value at the Circulation Desk. Copy Cards can be used at the GoPrint stations and the microfilm reader/printers. They cannot be used or reloaded at the Xerox machines.

More information about these topics is available on the Other Services and Resources and Copy Card pages on the main library website.

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