Information Literacy Program

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Leeward Community College Library

Online Information Literacy Tutorials and Exams


Students participating in the online Information Literacy Skills program study an online tutorial, with lessons about information resources and library research tools. The tutorial for English 24 students gives a basic introduction to resources like books, periodicals, and the Internet. The tutorial for English 100 students goes into greater depth with these topics, and includes practice search exercises that use the library's online research tools. It also covers the research process, the evaluation of information for accuracy and reliability, and the citation of sources. Both tutorials are available on the library's website.


After studying the tutorial, students take an online exam through Laulima, the University of Hawaiʻi's online course system. Students who are required to take an exam will automatically have the exam module in their Laulima account.

The questions are multiple choice, and some of the questions on the English 100 exam involve performing actual searches in the library's online catalog and research databases to find the correct answer.

Exam results are reported to instructors. Individual instructors have their own policies on how your score affects your course grade. Instructors also set their own deadlines for passing the exam.

For Summer Session I, the exam modules on Laulima will be available until June 17. Students are responsible for observing their instructor's deadline, which may be earlier than the last day of availability.

Exam Scores Transfers

As of Fall 2013, you can no longer transfer an exam score from a previous semester to your current instructor.

What If You Don't Pass the Exam?

If you don't get a passing exam score after two attempts, you will need to come to the library to obtain a retake permission form, which your instructor needs to sign. Once you get your instructor's signature on the form, you can make an appointment for a review session with a librarian. The librarian will review your exams with you, and help you with any area in which you are having difficulty. After you complete the review and tutoring session, you will be allowed to take the exam again.


To contact a librarian with questions about, or for assistance with, the library's information literacy instruction program, please call Junie Hayashi at 455-0680 (for ENG 24) or Leah Gazan at 455-0673 (for ENG 100), or email