Description of Library Layout

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Leeward Community College Library

This text is provided to describe the layout of the library for visually-impaired library patrons. A map of the library is also available.

The Leeward Community College Library occupies the top two floors of the three-story Learning Commons building. The first and second floors of the building are 115 feet wide east-to-west, and 85 feet north-to-south. The third floor is 135 feet east-to-west, and 105 feet north-to-south. The third floor overhangs the second floor by ten feet in all directions. Outside of the second floor is a fifteen-foot balcony along the east, south, and west sides.

Second Floor Layout

The library main entrance is located on the north side of the second floor, which is the side facing the parking lot. The entrance is 30 feet from the left side of the building, and is an automatic double sliding door. Inside the entrance lobby, about fifteen feet from the doors, are the side-by-side passageways through the anti-theft security sensors.

Once through the security sensors, the Technology Circulation Desk is to the right. This is where you go to borrow laptop computers and iPads. To the left is entrance to the coffee shop, which occupies the northeast corner of the floor.

In the middle of the east and west sides of the building are 25 foot-by-25 foot enclosures, containing stairways between the second and third floors, and restrooms. On the west face of the east enclosure, on the left side, is the doorway that leads to the stairs, the men's restroom, a water fountain, and an emergency exit. To the right of the doorway is a copier machine. On the opposite side of the building is the west enclosure, containing another stairway, the women's restroom, and an emergency exit. The doorway into the west enclosure is on the right side of the east face, opposite the doorway to east enclosure. Two ten-foot-square small group study rooms are along the wall to the left of the door.

In the southeast corner of the floor is the Writing Center. The west wall of Writing Center is set about four feet beyond the wall along the center enclosure, so if you walk along that wall, after 20 feet you'll reach that foor-foot section of perpendicular wall that you'll have to walk around to the right to continue to the Writing Center or to the automatic doors to the balcony. The double doors to the Writing Center are in the middle of their west wall.

In the southwest corner of the floor is the Learning Resource Center, which is similarly sized and configured as the Writing Center. The LRC doors are in the middle of their east wall, opposite the Writing Center's doors. The Learning Resource Center contains another small group study room. Because the study rooms along the west stairway enclosure extend out ten feet from the wall, the LRC wall is set back six feet from the study rooms.

On the north side of the floor, to the west of the Technology Circulation Desk, is the Reference, Research, and Reading Room. The Reference Desk is in the room, as is the Ready Reference Collection, the current periodical issues, and the new books display. The door to the room is on the west end of the wall.

The space in the middle of the floor contains computer stations and tables and chairs. The computers are on two rows of connected desks on the east side of the space. In the middle of the space is a GoPrint print paystation where computer printouts are paid for and printed.

On the south side of the floor, next to the Writing Center, and roughly opposite the main entrance, is another set of automatic double sliding doors that open to the balcony.

The Kakoʻo ʻIke disabilities services office is in the northwest corner of the second floor, and now has an automatic sliding door 30 feet from the right side of the north side of the building.

Near the middle of the west side of the building is a door that leads to the elevator landing. The elevator is to the right after you go through the doorway.

Third Floor Layout

On the third floor of the building are most of the library's collections, computers, tables and chairs, and study carrels.

Part of the north side of the floor is used for staff offices and workrooms. The public space on that side of the building spans 75 feet, starting from a wall that is even with the doorway to the west stairway. In this section of the floor, from west to east, are eight freestanding ranges of bookshelves, some tables and chairs, the microfilm cabinets, the microfilm reader/printer machines, and the Course Outlines cabinet. The bookshelves contain the Best Sellers collection, the ESL collection, the Juvenile collection, the Hawaiian/Pacific collection, the Reference collection, and the Periodical collection. There are study carrels along the north wall.

In the middle section of the third floor, between the two brick stairway enclosures, are tables and chairs. The Circulation Desk is along the east wall. This is where you go to check out library materials. Along the north side of the area are computer stations, including a computer with ZoomText, a computer with JAWS, and a computer on an adjustable-height table reserved for people in wheelchairs. On the south side this this area is another GoPrint print station, and a copier machine. Along the west wall are more computer stations.

The south side of the floor is where the General collection is located. At the far west end of the south side is the library instruction area, where classes are held and computers are available when a class is not in session. Along the norht wall of the west end of this area is the Oversized Books shelf. Study carrels are along the south wall.

Like the second floor, the third floor has a men's restroom next to the east-side stairs, and a women's restroom next to the west-side stairs. The elevator landing is through a doorway to the west of the women's restroom. There are water fountains near both restrooms.