Fines and Fees

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Leeward Community College Library

Fines and Fees for Overdue, Lost, or Damaged Library Materials

Overdue fines are assessed as soon as an item becomes overdue, and increase at the rate shown below. For example, if a laptop computer is not returned within 4 hours, a $1.00 fine will be charged, and the fine will increase by $1.00 for every additional hour the laptop is not returned. Fines accrue for hours or days that the library is closed. For example, a 3-day fine will charged for a book that is due on a Friday, but is returned the following Monday.

Overdue Books:
$0.25 per day
Overdue Items from the Reserve Collection:
3-Hour Loan Items: $1.00 per hour
3-Day Loan Items: $10.00 per day
Overdue Videotapes or DVDs:
$1.00 per day
Overdue Recalled Materials:
$0.50 per day
Overdue Laptop Computer or Plug-in Power Supply:
$1.00 per hour
Lost or Damaged Items:
Replacement cost, plus a $10.00 processing fee, plus any overdue fine.

Fines and charges may be paid off individually, except for charges for a lost item (replacement, plus processing, plus overdue fine), which must be paid together. Each individual fine or charge must be paid in its entirety. In other words, if you have two $1 fines, you don't have to pay them both at the same time, but you can't pay 50¢ against one of the fines.

Items are automatically considered lost once the overdue fine reaches $10.00, and we will charge an additional $10.00 processing fee, whether or not the item is eventually returned. We do this because at some point, we have to assume that an unreturned item is not going to come back, and proceed with the process of replacing the item.

Failure to meet these financial obligations will mean you will be unable to:

Large financial obligations may be referred to the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Taxation for garnishment of tax refunds, and/or to a collection agency. An additional fee will be charged to accounts that are sent to a collection agency.

If you pay for a lost book or other item, but then find the item and return it to the library in good condition within one year, you may request a refund of the replacement cost charged for the item. Overdue fines, the processing fee, or any collection agency fee will not be refunded.

Fees for Items Requested from Other Libraries

The Leeward CC Library does not charge a fee to bring in library materials from other libraries. However, if the owning library charges a fee for supplying the item, the fee will be passed on to the library patron who requested the item.