Copy Cards

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Leeward Community College Library
Copy Cards

Copy Cards can be used in the GoPrint pay stations and microfilm printers. They can no longer be used or reloaded at our Xerox machines, because we cannot get card readers compatible with our current equipment. Copy Cards are available for purchase at the Circulation Desk on the third floor for $5.00, and they are pre-loaded with $4.00 of value. Monetary value (at least $1.00) can be added to the card at the third floor Circulation Desk. If you need to print and do not have a card, please go to a Circulation Desk for assistance.

8¢ of value is deducted from the card for each laser-printed page or microfilm printout; 75¢ for each color printout.

A Copy Card's monetary value is encoded on its magnetic stripe, so you should take care not to lose or damage the card. It's a good idea to write your name on the card, using a permanent-ink felt-tip marker. Do not apply stickers or labels to the card.

LCC Copy Cards can only be used at LCC. Similar cards from other campuses will not work at LCC. Why not?

The design printed on the card has changed over the years, as the company that makes them got bought by different corporations. Cards that say Danyl, Schlumberger, Single Card, or Smart Vend all still work.