Student ID/Library Cards

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Leeward Community College Library
Student I D card

Student ID and Faculty/Staff ID cards are now produced in the library at the third floor Circulation Desk. You can get an ID card made anytime the library is open.

Leeward Community College issues photo ID cards to students, which serves as both a student identification card and a library card. The first card is free; lost cards cost $10.00 to replace. You can view a more detailed list of student ID card policies.

Validation: Student ID cards must be validated at the library's Circulation Desk every semester.

The college only issues student ID cards to students taking classes during the current semester. If you are an incoming student and are not yet taking classes, you must either wait until your classes start, or have your card made during New Student Orientation.

Students who are currently enrolled in Leeward CC distance education courses, who are unable to come to campus to have a student ID card made, can request a special DE student ID card. This card will be made without a photo, and is not valid as student identification unless it is also presented with another form of valid photo identification. To request a DE student ID card, contact the Student Life Office.

Faculty and staff can also get an ID card, but must first fill out a form at the Human Resources Office.

Student and faculty/staff ID cards are accepted at any library in the University of Hawaiʻi system, although you will be subject to each library's own circulation policies.

The information on Community Cards that was on this page is now on the Services for the General Public page.