Using Google Scholar

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Leeward Community College Library

Google Scholar is a special Google search that targets scholarly literature: publications from universities, research institutions, professional organizations, and academic publishers, written by experts in a field, for the purpose of advancing knowledge in the field.

Some scholarly literature is freely available on the Internet. However, many such articles are only available by paying a fee, or by subscribing to the publication in which the article appears, or through the full-text research databases that libraries subscribe to.

The Leeward CC Library subscribes to several full-text research databases that contain licensed content. The library also uses SFX, a "link resolver" system that allows research tools like Google Scholar, EBSCOhost, and OneSearch to display links in their results lists that retrieve articles from the library's different research databases. SFX also lets you know when a library in the UH system has a subscription to a particular publication in printed form.

Please use this link to access Google Scholar enhanced with SFX links. Otherwise, you won't see the special links if you use the regular URL when you're not on campus.