Banned Books Week 2013

Ideas are catalytic zig-zags of lightning – startling, subversive, illuminating (however briefly), contrary, dangerous. That's why our society hides ideas in books, where very few of us (especially in this day and age) will look for them. That's why our society, upon finding them, is too often moved to censor, suppress, and eradicate books. Please join us beginning Monday 23 September to celebrate our freedom to read. Voyeurs and eavesdroppers undertaking "national security" interests are especially invited.

Most of the readers (all of the good ones, anyhow) are affiliated with Leeward's excellent Theater program, and the Library is privileged to be host this caliber of performances. All selections will be read aloud in the Library's new Reference & Reading Room (formerly known as LC203) at straight-up noon each day of Banned Books Week. Come find out why we still burn books. Bring an open mind or matches – it's up to you.

Chris Matz
Leeward CC Library: what else are they hiding in there?

* Note to campus community and esteemed guests: in observance of the state of Hawaii fire code, please don't bring matches.

** Note to all bibliophiles: fire is not the method used to de-select monographs from Leeward CC or any UH library.

** Note to Mark Lane's office, campus security, and O&M: no actual flames will be used for the purpose of this event... this year.