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Leeward Community College Library
Picture of library from the parking lot side of building

Leeward Community College is located at 96-045 Ala Ike, Pearl City, Hawaiʻi 96782.

The campus is served by bus route #73. Bus stop #1104 is on campus. View projected bus arrival times, timetable, and route map.

The Library is located in the Learning Commons building, in the middle of campus, on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Its coordinates are 21.3928°N latitude, 157.9838°W longitude.

Important information about using online mapping sites or GPS devices is at the bottom of the page.

The campus is located south of the H1 freeway between Pearl City and Waipahu. Numerous road signs on the freeway and in the surrounding community indicate the way to the campus. Access is via Waiawa Road — a right turn at the traffic light if you're heading east on Farrington Hwy. toward Pearl City, a sharp left turn if you're heading west toward Waipahu (be careful not to drive into the narrow bus driveway that starts at the Farrington-Waiawa intersection). Drive to the end of Waiawa Road and turn right at the T-intersection. Turn left into the third parking lot entrance.

Looking across the parking lot, the library is in the fourth building in a row of buildings visible from the street. The building looks like a two-story building as seen from the parking lot (the first floor is not visible from that side), and is located behind the flag pole.

The sign on the front of the building says "Learning Commons". Enter through the doors next to that sign.

Map of surrounding area showing roads to LCC campus, and location of library.

Using Online Driving Directions or GPS

If you get driving directions to the college's street address from an online mapping site like Google Maps or MapQuest, or use a GPS device, the directions will get you into the area, but may mis-identify streets or tell you to turn the wrong way at the Waiawa Rd./Ala Ike intersection. One Garmin GPS model was found to guide you to the closest driveway if you use "96-261 Ala Ike" as the destination.

You can get Google Maps driving directions to the parking lot entrance closest to the library.