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One of the library's core missions is to teach you how to find and evaluate information. Not just so you can complete your class assignments, but also so that you can find the information you need to teach yourself new things throughout your life, and to make informed decisions.

Information Literacy Skills Program

The library's online information literacy courses teach basic research skills to students in English 24 and English 100 classes. Students first read through online lessons and perform practice exercises, and then take an exam on the Laulima system. Exam scores are reported to course instructors.

For Summer Session I, the exam modules on Laulima will be available until June 17. Instructors may have earlier deadlines for passing the exam. Students are responsible for observing their instructor's deadline.

See this page for more details about the online information literacy program, or what to do if you don't pass the exam.

Faculty: See the information sheet for faculty for more about the library instruction program.

Research Challenge

Some classes are participating in the Research Challenge, a series of exercises that take you through the research, evaluation, and citation process, to create an annotated bibliography of sources you can use for your research paper.

ProQuest Research Companion

Video lessons and tools that guide you through the process of finding, evaluating, and using information.

Library Instruction Sessions

The librarians give presentations to classes, conduct library tours, and hold workshops.

LibGuides – Subject-Specific Research Guides

The librarians create research guides, with advice for doing research on particular topics, on the LibGuides system.

The Handout Rack

Handouts and guides prepared by the library to help you use library resources and services.

Glossary of Library Terms

Library language translated into regular English.

The "Learn More" Pages

Some of the sections on the Research Tools web page have "learn more" links to additional information about our research tools and databases.


Things You Should Know About Using Information


To contact a librarian with questions about, or for assistance with, the library's information literacy instruction program, please call Junie Hayashi at 455-0680 (for ENG 24) or Leah Gazan at 455-0673 (for ENG 100), or email