Circulation Services

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Leeward Community College Library

Renewing Library Materials

To renew loans of books and other materials you borrowed:
  1. Click on the button below, and log in to your library account.
  2. Select the items you want to renew.
  3. Click on "Renew Items"
  4. Check the Due Date column. If the date did not change, your renewal was blocked.

Renewals may be blocked if you've reached the renewal limit, if someone else has requested the item, or for other reasons. More information.

The Reserve Collection

  1. Click on the button below to search for Reserve materials.
  2. Write down the title and call number of the item you wish to use.
  3. Take the information to the circulation desk to obtain the item. You can only use one at a time.

Circulation Desk
The Circulation Desk is to the right as you enter the Learning Commons.

Phone: 455-0210

The Circulation Department puts the library materials you need into your hands.

Services available at the Circulation Desks:

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Borrowing Library Materials — This is where you come to borrow, or "check out", books and other items from the library. You can also request to renew loans of items you borrowed. To renew an item online, see the blue box on the right of the screen.

(For more information about the books you can borrow, read about loan periods, fines and fees for items not returned on time, the library's collections, and how to find books with the online library catalog.)

You can pick up materials you have requested, such as an item brought in from another UH system library (known as an "Intra-System Loan", or "ISL"), an item you have requested to be held for you (known as a "hold"), or an item you had recalled from another borrower (known as a "recall"). Please see the Transfers, Holds, & Recalls page for instructions for making these requests, and also for information on how LCC Waiʻanae students can pick up their requested items at Waiʻanae.

You can return library materials at either desk. There is a slot on the front of the 2nd floor Circulation Desk, through which you can deposit books. There is also a book depository slot on the outside of the building, near the front door, which can be used at any time. You can return books belonging to other UH libraries to us, although if you borrowed audio-visual materials at the Wong AV Center at Sinclair Library, you should return the items directly to them.

Not affiliated with the University of Hawaiʻi? You can get limited library borrowing privileges by buying a Community Card.

Laptop Computers & iPads — LCC students can borrow Dell and Mac laptop computers, plug-in laptop power supplies, and iPads for use on campus for up to four hours. The library's laptops and iPads must be returned to the Circulation Desk, and no later than 10 minutes before the library closes.

Other Available Equipment — The library has a few calculators and USB flash drives that can be borrowed, which must be returned before the library closes. The library has headphones available for use in the library.

Reserve Collection — The Circulation Desk is where you'll find the Reserve Collection, which contains books and other materials that instructors have set aside for their students to read and use. Reserve materials have to be checked out from the Circulation Desk, including those that can only be used in the library. To find items in the Reserve Collection, see the green box on the right of the screen.

Only one Reserve item may be used at a time. To request an item, please write down the title and call number of the item you want on a piece of paper, and present it to the person at the desk.

Videos — Ask for videos from the library's Video Collection at the Circulation Desk. Faculty may schedule the use of videos for classroom viewing. The library also hosts videos of televised classes, which must be viewed in the library. Videos of the LRC's SC Workshops are now available for online viewing through the LRC's video page, on computers with wired network connections inside the library building. The library has video viewing stations for watching videotapes and DVDs.

Closed Shelves — Items shown in the online library catalog as being in Closed Shelves are kept in a non-public room. Ask for these items at the Circulation Desk.

Study Rooms — Groups of three or more students can sign up to use one of the library's study rooms. LCC students can reserve a room up to two weeks in advance.

Student ID Card ValidationStudent ID cards are validated at the Circulation Desk. The student ID card serves as your library card.

Pay Fines & Fees — Pay fines and fees for overdue materials and lost or damaged library materials. We can only accept payment by cash or check. You can call the Business Office at Hamilton Library at 956-7203 to pay for library charges with a credit or debit card.

Lost and Found — Lost and found items are kept temporarily at the Circulation Desk, until they are turned over to Campus Security.