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1. A guide to Biological information and resources

2. Basic Skills: Writing for science

3. Basic Skills: Internet and Library catalog use

4. How are things organized in the library ?

5. Where is Biological literature kept in the Library?

6. It's a jungle out there, where do I start? Two paths: Time and Function

7. How does Biological literature evolve over time?

8. Function: Different strokes for different folks

9. Some Functional types of Biological literature

10. It's a brave new world: Electronic resources for Biological literature

11. Other Suggested Information Sources For Biology

D.Coleman 2004

A Guide to Biological Information and Resources

The following guide will describe the structure of Biological information and its organization in Leeward Community College Library. Included in this guide are suggested printed and electronic resources.

The "Basic Skills" section will provide guidelines for writing for the sciences, training in searching for library resources, use of the Internet, and evaluation of Internet sites. It is suggested that the user spend some time in these areas in order to take maximum advantage of the resources available. It is suggested that you look at the sections in sequence. You may review a section at anytime by using the navigation guide to the left of the page. You should allow 30-40 minutes to read this guide if you don't need to use the "Basic skills" section. There are a few Animated files in this guide. You do not have to wait for these to load in order to proceed.

For further assistance with the topics of this guide, specific reference questions, or an appointment for help with an extensive paper or project, please contact David Coleman. Phone: 455-0673 E-mail: and include your class number, i.e. Bio 171.

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Throughout this tutorial you will find questions about the topics covered. Try to answer the questions on your own before going to the answer page at the end of the tutorial. The more you use these self-tests the more you will benefit from the tutorial.


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