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Newsletter summary:

On Tuesday May 5th, Leeward CC Wai`anae held its third annual Graduate Recognition Ceremony. The ceremony was organized by LCCW faculty and staff, and attended by Leeward CC Administration. We are proud of our 42 graduates for accomplishing this important milestone. Many had to juggle work and family responsibilities in addition to their college work and we all know it was not easy persevering through the ups and downs.

To our graduates: whether you took all of your classes here or just a few, you will always be part of our LCCW `Ohana. We wish you all the greatest happiness and continued success in whatever you do.

Congratulations to our 2014-2015 Leeward CC Wai`anae Graduates!

May, 2015 Leeward CC Wai‛anae Graduates

Courtney-Ann Agcopra
Kaleo Kaopua
* Sharene Aki
Freddy Akeamo
Janae Akima
Trinita Hughes
Sheila Arasato
Crystal Kawaauhau
Randy Baldomero
* Jamesannette Landford
Joseph Carrero
Caridad Leiva
Jamine Castro
Jesse Lopez
Hugo Cepeda
Filifaatali Mauai III
Jacoby Cid
Michelle Mendoza
Doriann DeMello
Corinna Molina
* Geraldine Eli
Terrel Ochimas
Tatiana Estill
Michael Omoto
Calvin Flanigan-Garcia
Rick Patricio
Katreena Fonseca
Anelani Raposas
Nicole-Lee Fountain
* Maraia Reis
Rhanah-Lynn Joseph
Joycelyn Roberts
Tanya Kaahaaina
Kirei Sequin
* Jennifer Kaikala
Ikaika Soares
Constance Kalilikane
Monique Spires
Almira Kamahele
Darrian Texiera-Tantay
Shayna Kamana
*Cyrus Young
Erin Kaneaiakala

* G2FO Participants



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