Faculty Information

Information for Faculty

It is the responsibility of the faculty to work in conjunction with KI Program in providing approved accommodations and support services for students in a fair and timely manner. Students should initiate a meeting to discuss the accommodations if needed.

Federal Regulations that protect equal access for persons with disabilities in colleges and universities include:

  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
  • The Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1991
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990

"ADA is first and foremost a matter of civil rights. Too many people still do not fully understand how vital the Americans with Disabilities Act is to our nation. But we do, for we know that discrimination toward any group hurts every group."   

Rep. Norman Y. Mineta

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Include an accommodation statement on every syllabus and read aloud to students during the first week of class.
  • Discuss with the student the accommodations or arrangements requested by the Ki program coordinator or assistant on the accommodation form as soon as possible.
  • Contact the Ki program staff if youhave any concerns about the requested accommodations. The student's documentation is considered a medical record and therefore does not qualify to be part of the student's records and is not subject to faculty inspection.
  • Provide the accommodations either personally or by making arrangements with the Ki office.
  • Assuring the confidentiality of any information relating to a student and a disability. At no time should the class be informed that a student does have a disability.
  • Shred all documents after the student is either no longer in your class or the session is completed.
  • Ensure that the student with a disability is held accountable for the mastery of material as all students; although it may be demonstrated in a different manner.
  • Ensure testing will occur in an appropriate manner. If the test will be administered in a location other than the classroom, ensure all directions are communicated to the test administrator. Coordinate test delivery and return with the Ki office.

Possible Accommodations

Notetaking Services

Students approved for this accommodation will provide you with the accommodation form indicating its appropriateness and then the student will either make the request of a fellow student or ask for your assistance. If asked to assist, you should announce to the class that a notetaker is needed for this particular class . The volunteer needs to register with the KI program. Please, Do not identify the student needing the services. The volunteer should be asked to meet with you after class. A) the student w/the disability may meet w/you and the notetaker after class or b) you can directed the volunteer to the KI office.

(Students who are Deaf needing notetaking services will be an exception to this procedure…..arrange with the interpreter.)

Extended Time on Exams and Quizzes

The student who is eligible for extended time for testing purposes has provided documentation about the impact of the disability on this activity. Extended time is appropriate to assure equal opportunity to show content mastery by providing time that is necessary to compensate for the disability.

A study was conducted at the University of California, Berkeley* which has since been replicated a number of times with comparable results. Students with and without certain disabilities were tested on a timed test and given extended time. The study showed that for students w/disabilities, the extended time made a significant difference in performance. For the students w/out disabilities, the added time did not make a significant difference in performance. No matter how logical it seems to say "everyone would do better if they had extra time", there is documented evidence to show this is not the case.

*M. Kay Runyan (February, 1991), Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. 24(2), pp.104-108.

Alster, E.H. (1997), Journal of Learning Disabilities, Vol. 30, pp222-227.

If a student is approved for extended time, the extension should be given for tests and in-class work only. This does not apply to work that is done outside of class, except in rare cases that will be stated clearly in the accommodation form from Services to Students with Disabilities. Structured syllabus with assignments and time-lines are highly desirable.

Interpreting Services

Students using sign language as their means of communication will be provided with an interpreter as an accommodation. The interpreter will serve as the "voice" of the student and the "voice" of the instructor. Although the instructor will need the interpreter for communication with the student, the student is not the responsibility of the interpreter.

Compliance & Protections

Web Accessibility (Online Courses)

All web pages and corresponding software must adhere to the accessibility standards in conjunction with section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can check your web page for section 508 accessibility by using the following website: http://webaim.org

Protection for Faculty

If a student reveals to you at anytime that they have a disability and that they need an accommodation, you should refer them to KI office. If an accommodation is appropriate the student will deliver a notice of accommodation prepared by the Ki Program to student with disabilities. The accommodation is not retroactive, but becomes only applicable from that point in time you receive the notification form.

The accommodations outlined in the letter are determined by the advisor in KI Program based on the student's specific disability, documentation prepared by a professional(s) in the appropriate field, and previous education history. These accommodations have been deemed reasonable and necessary in order to promote equal access to the college for students with disabilities.

It is critical that no other accommodations be offered to the student without contacting the KI Program to determine if it is deemed appropriate in light of the functional impact of the particular disability.

Contacting the KI Office will protect you from acting "on behalf" of the College. The KI Program is the only approved entity to verify a disability and determine an accommodation. Any approved changes will be noted in the student file.