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International Programs - Maintaining your F-1 Status

What does it mean to be a full-time student?

To be considered a full-time student you need to be registered for at least 12 credits. You must also have at least a 2.0 GPA.

You may be considered full time and register for less than 12 credits only if you have permission from an international student advisor (this must be done before the semester starts), you have a documented medical condition, or it is your final quarter before completing a degree. Contact the International Student Advisor for more information at


If you are planning to travel outside of the US while you are on an F-1 visa, you must have page three of your I-20 form signed by the International Student Advisor prior to your departure. Please make certain that everything on your I-20 and visa stamp is current. Additionally, your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of your expected return to the US.


F-1 visa holders are eligible to work on campus for up to twenty hours during the school year and up to forty hours during any academic break. In order to access job listings on campus, please log in to the Student Employment (SECE) web site and print out any job referrals that are of interest to you. Once you have been interviewed and hired for a position, you will complete new hire paperwork and you will also have authorization to apply for a Social Security Number. For more information about working on campus or obtaining a SSN, please make an appointment with the International Student Advisor.


During your course of study as an F-1 visa holder, if you change your local address, you must inform the International Programs Office within 10 days of moving.