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Housing and Homestay Information
Leeward Community College provides Homestay Placements for our international students.  A homestay allows our students to live with an American family while studying at Leeward Community College.  If you are interested in doing a homestay placement, please email the Housing Coordinator at homeslee [at] hawaii [dot] edu.  The application fee for a homestay placement is $300.00.

Homestay Options:
Option A:            $800 USD/per month with meals. 
Rent includes a private room, shared bathroom and the home stay family will provide all meals.
Option B:             $650 USD/per month without meals. 
Rent includes a private room and shared bathroom.  Students are given kitchen access and are responsible for purchasing their own food and cooking their own meals.

How do I pay the home stay costs?
You pay the homestay family directly.  The first rent payment is required on the date of arrival.  Rent will be paid on the same date each month thereafter. 

What are the expectations of a student living with a homestay family?
You are expected to do your own laundry and keep your bedroom and bathroom neat and tidy.  You should be prepared to assist in basic household chores, such as taking out the garbage and washing the dishes.  Each family will have house rules which will vary, depending on the family.  You are often treated as “one of the family”; yet, it is important to remember that you are a guest in the home.  Each family will have its own rules concerning bringing guests into the home, smoking, drinking, noise, etc.  The homestay family will discuss their house rules when you arrive. 

How much interaction will I have with a homestay family?
The amount of interaction with the home stay family will depend on the family.  If the family is providing meals (Option A) you will be expected to join them for meals.  You should be willing to offer help in meal preparation if asked.  Families may invite you to join them on outings and/or they may give you a great deal of independence. 

What do I do if I want to move out?
Homestay agreements are month to month.  If and when you plan to move, you should plan accordingly.  You are required to give 30 days notice to your home stay family if you want to move out.  No refunds will be given to partial month stays. 

Will my homestay family pick me up from the airport when I arrive to the U.S.?
Yes.  Your homestay family will pick you up at the Honolulu Airport.

How will I get from my homestay to Leeward Community College?
Oahu has a very efficient public bus system.  The public bus stops on at the Leeward CC campus.  The homestay family can direct you to the bus stop closest to your new home.  

* University of Hawaii-Manoa Off Campus Housing Referral Program maintains an online list of available housing for students.



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