International Student Health Insurance Options

Health Insurance is a requirement for all international students enrolled at Leeward CC.  Our school has partnered with ISO to bring you affordable options that will help you cover the cost of health care while you are an international student.  Signing up for insurance is easy, just click here or visit:

After you sign up for insurance, please forward a copy of your insurance card to with the subject line Health Insurance Card.

Insurance Plan from a country outside the U.S.
If you will be using an insurance plan from your home country, make sure you send a detailed insurance policy [translated in English] to Leeward CC International Programs Office for approval. DO NOT purchase an insurance plan until approval has been given.

Insurance plan must meet or exceed the following University of Hawaii system requirements:

  1. Comprehensive medical coverage = at least $125,000 USD per accident/illness
  2. Inpatient/Outpatient medical (including mental health) coverage at no less than 75% usual/customary charge (UCC)
  3. Repatriation coverage = at least $25,000 USD
  4. Medical evacuation coverage to home country = at least $50,000 USD
  5. No more than $500 USD deductible per accident or illness
  6. Waiting period for per-existing conditions no longer than 6 months