ICTL Mid-Semester Teaching Assessment

Mid-Semester Assessment

  • Find out what’s working in your classroom
  • Let your students know that you take their learning seriously
  • Use the results to make positive changes

This program can provide you with student feedback during the semester (when changes can be made) to enhance the learning environment for students as well as to improve your teaching. 

Voluntary and Confidential
All assessments are confidential and strictly voluntary.  All information obtained will be returned to the faculty member.

Three Ways

  1. Group Discussion:  A facilitator will conduct a short discussion with students in your class about the strengths of the course, what makes learning difficult, and what can help students get more out of the class.  The facilitator will summarize the comments for you.
  2. Paper/Pencil:  A brief, open-ended feedback form will be distributed and collected by a third-party facilitator and compiled outside of the classroom. 
  3. Online:  The evaluations are conducted online with technology based evaluation questions.  The results will be compiled and emailed back to you.

To Schedule

Mid-semester classroom assessments will be conducted from during March and October of each year as scheduling permits.  To schedule a mid-semester classroom assessment, call Carleen Yokotake at ext. 337 or email cyoko@hawaii.edu.  Please indicate the class(es) you would like assessed and the time and location of your class.  Earlier mid-semester assessments can be arranged upon request.

Past participants are saying:
“It gave me important feedback at mid-term so that I could address the concerns the students had about course content, my teaching, and their learning.”
“It was very helpful.”
“I felt very validated and enhanced by the whole process!”