ICTL Power Mentoring Program

Power Mentoring Program

The purpose of this program is to provide faculty and lecturers with short-term, one-on-one assistance from selected Power Mentors to improve student learning and/or effectiveness on the job.

Power Mentor:  Recommended faculty member who has consistently high student evaluations and is willing to mentor a colleague in identified areas. (See list of current Power Mentors.)

Power Mentee:  Any faculty or lecturer at Leeward Community College.


  1. Faculty and lecturers who would like help with a topic, issue, or teaching strategy will request a Power Mentor from a list of potential Power Mentors.  If a topic of interest is not listed, please contact the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning at ext. 483 or by email and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  2. Complete the Power Mentor Request form and send to the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning by email or hard copy.
  3. The requested Power Mentor will be contacted and within a week the Power Mentor will set up a meeting time with you. Two Uluwehi Café lunch tickets ($7.00 each) will be sent to the Power Mentor for your first meeting.  If a Power Mentor is not available, the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning will contact you to discuss other alternatives.
  4. At your first meeting (we recommend a 1- to 2- hour meeting), you and your Power Mentor will discuss your issue or topic in depth. You will collaborate to complete a Power Mentoring Plan and set up a follow-up meeting to take place after you have had an opportunity to implement the plan.
  5. At your follow-up meeting, you and your Power Mentor will discuss the results of your action plan and assess its effectiveness.
  6. To improve this program, you will be asked to complete the anonymous feedback form that will be sent to you.

If you have questions or concerns please contact:
Cindy Martin at cindymar@hawaii.edu or 455-0483
Christy Takamure at christy@hawaii.edu or 455-0333

A program developed by the Innovation Center for Teaching & Learning
Funded by the University of Hawaii Foundation Leeward CC Staff Development Fund.